One hundred and forty-five

Today I did one of the funniest (and slightly embarrassing) things that I’ve had to do this month – I had flowers delivered to myself at work.  Not only were they delivered during the busy lunch period, but they also had my name on them and a card which I wrote to myself so it didn’t look suspicious.  Everyone asked me who the flowers were from, like I had a secret admirer or a lover to send me daisies.  Eventually I had to come clean – I had to tell them I sent them to myself!

Let me start at the beginning.  Tomorrow I’m going to lunch at my friend’s mom’s house.  This morning I realized I had nothing to bring her.  I can’t go empty-handed to anyone’s house when they are gracious enough to have me in their home and feed me, let alone a mom’s house!  Normally I would just stop at the florist, corner or grocery store on my way to pick up flowers.  But alas, with only ‘online shopping month’ I can’t do that.  So just before work (and running late), I searched online for flowers that could be delivered same day and found Brant Florist.  Unfortunately the cheapest flowers are either three red roses for $39.99 (not appropriate to bring to a friend’s mom unless you’re trying to tell her something) or the daisies I bought for $49.99 ($56.49 with tax).  Slightly ridiculous for flowers, considering you can buy a decent bouquet at the grocery store for $30.  At least these ones came with a vase and I need a vase.  So I’m wrapping to flowers up nice and keeping the vase.  (I really hope my friend’s mom never reads this!)

It was really easy to buy flowers online and I love the fact that I could get them delivered a couple of hours later.  If you ever forget your grandma’s birthday or your anniversary, jump online and you can have a lovely bouquet sent that day.  It’ll seem like you had planned it long in advance.  Just remember, though, it won’t be cheap.  The delivery and service fees are built in to the price which adds those extra dollars.  Once again you are paying extra for the convenience of online shopping and delivery.

And note to everyone, if you’re going to have flowers delivered to yourself at work, just pretend someone great bought them for you.  People like the romantic idea of it and it ruins it when they find out they are from you to you.