One hundred and forty-seven


I had to cheat today out of pure stupidity. I am kicking myself about it.  On my way back from my Orangeville visit to my friend’s mom’s house (where I gave the flowers I had delivered to myself at work minus the vase) I had to stop for gas.  Just like in extreme couponing month, the one thing I have as an exception to my rules is transportation.  I am allowed to buy gas, ttc tokens and cab fare.  So the buying of the gas wasn’t the problem.  It was the fact that I was chatting with my friend, ranting about something inconsequential, and I left the fuel cap on the roof of the car (with the little door open) as I drove off.  Yep, I drove back from Orangeville with gas fumes polluting the environment and surrounding the car.  I didn’t realize until I got back to Toronto and got out of my car.  By that time it was too late for a store to be open that sells them.  Despite checking the local gas station (apparently they sometimes keep ones that other people have ‘forgotten’ lying around, so if you ‘lose’ yours like I did, check there first before spending money on a new one), I had to wait until this morning to go to Canadian Tire to get a new one.

My favourite part of my Canadian Tire experience was the wall of gas caps.  Apparently this happens to more than just me.  I told the salesman my car make and year and he looked it up on the computer and handed me the right one.

But alas, I still had to cheat.  $11.29 worth of cheating.