One hundred and fifty – the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

Go online.  Put your postal code in.  A list of restaurants that deliver appear, with the times they are open, what time their delivery hours are and what type of food they serve.  You can search by food type, specific restaurants or selected criteria like open/closed times, ratings and delivery times.  Choose the restaurant, pick what you want off the menu, select what time you want it delivered, and pay by credit, debit or choose to pay at the door.  They connect with the restaurant and a receipt and time of expected delivery appear on the screen.  Easy.  No fees to use the service.  No delivery fees over a certain amount of money spent in an order.  Food arrives 45-60 minutes later!

The Bad 

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to contact the restaurant directly?  How big of a percentage of the money you spent does Just-Eat take from the restaurant?  Does a middle man confuse things further?

The Ugly

A friend of mine had a bad experience with that I will paraphrase.  He ordered food through the website earlier in the day to arrive for dinner.  It arrived three hours early and was cold by the time his dinner guests showed up.  When he contacted Just-Eat they said they were only the middle man and don’t take any responsibility for the delivery or the product that is delivered.  So don’t expect any help from them if anything goes wrong.

My experience

The sushi I ordered was fine.  Not the best sushi I’ve had, but the process was simple, it arrived in 45 minutes, everything was as I ordered it.  I would probably use the website again, but if I know what I want I would rather just go directly to the specific restaurant and cut out the middle man.

3 thoughts on “One hundred and fifty

  1. Thats a cool website! I like the concept and would be great if you just moved to TO and don’t know where you’d want to go yet.

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