One hundred and fifty-two

The things I missed this month

For my second to last day of only online shopping month, here are a few topics I didn’t get a chance to talk about but want to mention:


As the top purchase of online goods according to Nielsen research, books are an easy thing to buy online that you rarely would need right away, are heavy to carry so easy to have shipped to you, and so simple to purchase online.  Chapters Indigo and Amazon are two websites I have used to buy books (and many other things in the case of Amazon) that are fantastic.  You can either buy them new and (if you spend a certain amount of money) get free shipping, or buy them used for a fraction of the price, but have to pay for shipping.  You can sample the books and read some of pages to get an idea of whether you are interested in purchasing the whole book.  They even suggest other books you might enjoy.


I use iTunes to download music as I’m a Mac user, but there are also a lot of other places online to download music from. offers cheap mp3 downloads.  Limewire, a peer-to-peer file sharing system like Napster was when it first came out, used to be a way to get music for cheap, but is now under a court order to stop distributing the software because of unauthorized sharing of copyrighted works.  Napster is now a subscription-based music-buying software owned by the Best Buy company and only works with a PC.

Movies and television

More and more people are buying movies and tv online, instead of going to the video store or buying cable.  There are no commercials and you can choose what shows you want to see, instead of flipping channels through a bunch of crap.  You can stream a lot of things for free online with a time limit.  Or join Netflix  or megavideo to name a few subscription-based streaming sites.  You can also stream television from most channels’ websites, but you do have to watch the commercials.

VISA gift card

My friend mentioned this to me today.  It would have been a bit of a cheat, but I could have ordered a VISA gift card online and used it for things like transportation costs and emergency beers.  Too late now, but good to know for future gift giving.

Tomorrow I recap the month, talk about what I learned and my monthly Top Ten list!

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