One hundred and fifty-three

It’s late and I’m tired.  Too many long shifts and two glasses of wine after work have made me unmotivated and extremely ready for bed.  The comfort of my pillow-top mattress and soft sheets are calling to me: “Who cares about the blog?  Come enjoy me.  Dream of fairies and cool swimming pools (my house is a sauna).”  Alas, I will have to give in slightly.  The allure of Hypnos (Greek mythological personification of sleep) is too strong right now.  Tomorrow I will do my major wrap-up of the month.  Tonight, though, I leave you with a fad that has me completely baffled.  They are called ‘haul’ videos and is where people (mostly teenage girls) post themselves talking about what they bought.  The example video below has 1,212,333 hits.  The ‘host’ holds up what she bought and talks about each product and how much she spent.  Please don’t watch the whole thing or I’m afraid you might lose brain cells.  Who are these over one million people who are interested in this?  It’s not all bought online, but definitely involves the internet and shopping. Scary!

One thought on “One hundred and fifty-three

  1. I only made it through this video until 3.48 minutes. Wow…I finally have access to You tube and this is the first video I have watched. I now know why the Chinese governement is protecting its people, its because of videos like this.

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