One hundred and fifty-four

Making it through Only Online Purchases month

I made it through a month of buying everything online – except a couple of ‘cheats’ that were unavoidable (transportation costs – my one allowable area of cheating, the fuel cap replacement for when I drove from Orangeville to Burlington forgetting it on the roof of my car, and the antibiotics for my crazy bug bites) and one that was avoidable (I was asked to buy ice on my way over to my friend’s house and I felt bad for always asking people for money for things, so I just bought it…oh the shame of cheating!).

Recap of the month

I’m going to do my recap a little differently this month…

My top fourteen reasons why you should shop online:

#14. We might be programmed to shop.  Why not do it online and not have to get off our sofas? (ABC Science)

#13. Rare objects to rural areas. (interview with my friend from Gibsons BC)

#12. Between the kids, the career and the house, who has time to grocery shop anymore? (Grocery Gateway, Front Door Organics)

#11.  Trying to communicate an order over the phone and actually interact with another human being is so hard.  With online food ordering, there’s no room for error.  Or is there? (online pizzaJustEat)

#10.  The most asked question of this month: what about tampons?  Yes, ladies, you can buy tampons online and have them delivered to you. (Well.caFront Door Organics)

#9.  You can buy a virtual space station in a virtual land online for only $100,000.  What a deal! (virtual economies)

#8. You can also auction off a 10-year-old, partially eaten grilled cheese said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary for $28,000. (eBay)

#7.  Craigslist comedy shopping.  Search the online classifieds and have a laugh. (Best of Craigslist)

#6. Cheap travel.  Cheap events tickets.  Need I say more? (airlines, accommodation, tickets)

#5.  Now you can see the tall, thin model walk around with the dress that will never fit you the same as it fits her. (catwalk videos)

#4.  No need to strap to your bike those four cases of beer you bought for the house party of the century on Friday night and try not to fall into traffic while riding them home.  You can have beer, wine and liquor delivered to your house! (The Beer Guy)

#3. Having flowers delivered to yourself at work (then keeping the vase and wrapping up the flowers for a gift) is only embarrassing when you tell everyone what you’re doing.  My advice – pretend you have a secret admirer. (online flower delivery)

#2.  Where else could you find pubic lice to punish your cheating ex or buy real estate on the moon? (bizarre online shopping sites)

And the number one reason you should shop online is…

#1. After three weeks of waiting to hear about red rubber boots you bought online, “PENDING” is so comforting. (Beyond The Rack)

What did I learn?

On Saturday my brother gave me money to pick up toilet paper from the store (I live with my brother and it was his turn to buy tp, but he is a lazy brat and left me money to buy it instead before he went away for the weekend!).  I was walking by a Shopper’s Drug Mart after a lovely brunch with a friend who’s visiting from Shanghai and popped in to get the tp.  I was a bit afraid to go in there.  Last time (when I went to the pharmacy to get my antibiotics at the beginning of the month because of my bug bites) I had such a hard time resisting all the aisles of things I could buy I had to sit down and talk on the phone with my friend.  Yesterday, when I finally got the nerve to enter Shopper’s, I didn’t have a problem at all.  I walked to the aisle to get the toilet paper, walking past the makeup and the hair products and the snacks.  I wasn’t tempted to buy any of it.  I wasn’t interested at all.  I hadn’t planned to buy anything else.  I didn’t need anything else.  They say it takes 30 days to break a habit. I have lost my desire to buy random stuff that I don’t need.  The effort it takes to buy things online, choose what you need, and have it shipped or delivered to you in the time frame you need it, has taught me about patience, planning and selection of things I actually need.

I’ve also learned a whole lot about different websites to shop at (some useful, some not so useful), statistics, and crazy things people spend money on online.

Where do I go from here with Only Online Purchases?

I’m still waiting on a few things that I bought online during this month.  My eBay purchases (bike lights) are still being shipped from Hong Kong.  I haven’t heard about one of my dresses I bought and my red rubber boots should be on their way soon (I hope).  I will let you know if anything interesting comes from those purchases.

I will probably buy more things online now that I know where to find them.  If I’m lacking in time one week, I know that I can go online to order groceries or toiletries and have them delivered for a small fee.  But when I do have time, I still enjoy the communal experience of shopping at a store and interacting with other humans.  With clothing I still would rather try things on before buying them, so if I have this option (unless it’s a really good deal online) I would prefer to take the time to head to the shop.

Today I start a month putting myself out of my comfort zone.  I’m both excited and dreading the next 31 days!

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