One hundred and fifty-six


The anticipation and the embarrassment of watching the video afterwards were far worse than the actual singing.  I spent the day yesterday worried about singing in front of all those people.  I looked through You Tube karaoke videos of popular songs and tried to sing them (my poor neighbours who could probably hear the notes of my off-key attempts at singing Torn and Bette Davis Eyes drifting out through the open windows of my house).  I searched for lists of top karaoke songs for women to sing.  I made my karaoke-expert friend listen to the songs I had narrowed it down to, to help me decide which one to sing.  It consumed my day, so much that it was hard to concentrate on anything else.  That is how much I was dreading singing by myself.

I like to sing in the car, at home, or with someone else.  When there is another voice I can’t hear myself so much and I am more confident.  But completely by myself in front of a crowd of very good singers (many of the people in the bar are karaoke regulars who are fantastic) was terrifying.

When I finally went up to sing, it was a bit of a blur.  Everyone sang along and were so encouraging.  I had two friends filming it, so I recall the light from my one friend’s phone.  I remember everyone that was watching looking like they were having a good time.  I know a couple of times I got distracted and forgot I needed to sing.  As I just watched the video, I now recall one of the guys switching the microphones for me half way through the song.  I also remember the couple of drinks I had before to give me a little liquid courage!

Without further ado, here is my solo karaoke debut (thank you Derryl and Rob for your video skills!).  ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles.  Please feel free to skip the video part of this blog entry if you want and save me the embarrassment!