One hundred and fifty-seven


Yesterday I tried to lie as much as I could (which turned out to be not very much).  First, I’m a bad liar.  I act weird.  I get very uncomfortable, I look away, I laugh, I feel like a weight is on my shoulders making me hunch my body.  I hate lying.  Why should anyone lie when the truth is usually more interesting?  I like being an honest person.  I also feel bad telling someone a lie – that I’m somehow disrespecting them and their intelligence by not telling them the truth.

I had myself all worked up to lie.  I made up stories that could be believable.  I tried to lie to myself in the mirror to watch my body language.  But, I couldn’t do it!  Every time I opened my mouth the truth just came out – even when I planned to say a lie.  I kept kicking myself and trying to tell myself to lie.  It just didn’t work.  Every time I did finally get a lie out, it came out awkward and so obvious.  One person even asked if there was anything wrong because I looked stressed.  It was sort of funny if anyone had known what I was trying to do.  After awhile I tried to lie about everything.  I would tell obvious fibs, like “there is not someone in the corner of that room” even though there clearly was.  My friends just thought I was being sarcastic.  It was ridiculous!

There are so many people who lie every day.  I was just talking to my friend today about all the men (or women) who cheat on their wives (or husbands) and come home to them afterwards saying they had stayed late at work or had beers with the boys. What is the point?  Lying is awkward – whether it’s a small lie or a big one.

When I finally decided I had enough and stopped trying to tell lies, I felt so much better.  I could be myself again.  Thank you to all my friends and workmates who put up with my weird behaviour yesterday.  Don’t worry, I didn’t lie about anything serious.

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