One hundred and fifty-nine

Chinatown mystery foods

Shopping in Chinatown can be a little intimidating.  A lot of the food is labeled in Chinese (even when there are English parts, I feel like these are only part of the description), many of the store owners speak little English, and there are a lot of products there that aren’t available in Metro or No Frills.  It’s like being in a different country where I’m a tourist looking for something to eat that I recognize.

Of course there are products I know there, but what would be the fun in that?  I chose five things that I had never tried, one being something that I have no idea what it is.  Mystery meat?  Tofu?

It was scary opening the packages. I’ve heard horror stories of maggots and bugs coming out of packaged food some friends have bought from Chinatown.  And what would I find inside?  There was the package with nuts and little dried fish portrayed on the outside of the packaging.  Are there really little fish inside?  And what about the ingredients?  So many that are listed that I don’t know what they are.

I bought Oishi Prawn Crackers (pretty tasty actually, although don’t smell them first!); Grass Jelly Drink – Coconut flavour  (I threw it out after two sips); “Tofu Snack – mushroom flavour” – texture of tofu, salty sweet fake flavouring (not my favourite either); “Mixed Bean Crackers” with dried fish (not so bad – tasted like salted, sweet peanuts with fish); and the mystery food which was spicy and I still don’t know what it was (I gagged, enough said).  I brought them to work and my workmates were scared to try them.

The funny thing is that although this is out of my comfort zone, they are all products other people enjoy very much.  It’s all about what we are used to and brought up with.  I’m sure a peanut butter and banana sandwich sounds gross to other people.  Or how about a Bloody Caesar with Clamato, which has clam juice in it?  Some of my favourites!

4 thoughts on “One hundred and fifty-nine

  1. Reminds me of when I stayed in Vietnam for a few months a couple of years ago. I’d eat out most of the time because restaurants are so inexpensive there but I’d often shop for snacks, not really knowing what I was buying. Thanks for the memories. After a few “bad experiences” I decided to mostly go for fresh pineapple and mangos 😉

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