One hundred and sixty-one

Birthing videos

As my friend and I were in the car to visit two of our pals who are pregnant, she joked that we should all watch a birthing video as my ‘out of my comfort zone’ project for the day.  She heard they are gruesome and will make anyone scared to give birth.  I grew up with a mom who is a nurse, so rarely do I think anything to do with the body is gross, but I agreed it would be fitting for the occasion.  When we suggested it to the preggos, they both screamed “no”. They do not want to see what happens (one is due next month)!  I asked if they weren’t curious (I am).  Finally they decided it would be ok to watch part of it and if it got too much, they would cover their eyes or leave the room.

We watched a cartoon of what happens to the baby during labour, then a live Epidural birth, then a live natural birth.  I was fascinated.  A couple of moments were a little bloody, but it was interesting to watch the baby arrive.  My preggers friends watched most of the videos.  They both thanked me for taking them out of their comfort zone, because now that they know what’s going to happen they aren’t as scared.  One yelled down to her husband (hiding in the basement from the girl’s night) that it’s not that bad.  (The videos were from and you can watch them here, if you are interested).

The idea of watching a woman push a large head out of a tiny opening, accompanied by two pregnant ladies, is not something I feel completely comfortable with, but in reality is was very informative and not out of my comfort zone at all.  It was one more thing to learn and see.  My favourite part was being able to share this experiment with my friends and have them learn.  They probably wouldn’t have watched it by themselves, but as a group we supported each other through it and I think they are happy they did.

Many times knowing and dissecting things makes them less scary.  Every time I have done something this week, that particular thing is not as unnerving – because the thought of it (and my imagination) is always worse than the actually thing.  By the last week of this month it’s going to be hard to think of things that will phase me!