One hundred and sixty-three


“One night at the opera he saw an Aida
who’s tits were so big they would often impede her.
Bug-eyed he watched her fall into the pit,
done in by the weight of those terrible tits.”
(Otto Titsling – Bette Midler)

Being nudist for the day was the weirdest experience.  First of all, try and work out nude with your breasts flopping up and down and almost hitting you in the face!  That hurts!  And what about when you sit down?  How clean are your furniture pieces?  I brought around a sarong to sit on.  Then just hang out and do your regular routine without any clothes on.  It feels like you’re always forgetting something.

Carl Larsson Model writing postcards 1906

I spent the day in the buff, getting stuff done around the house.  I never realized quite how much those titties that everyone was commenting about from my nude photo can get in the way when I don’t have a bra on (I held then up with my hands for most of the day, so my back didn’t hurt).  And of course my house is full of floor-to-ceiling mirrors.  I am proud of my body, but it’s also hard not to scrutinize every flaw when I keep seeing it reflected back at me.

Then I was worried my brother (who I live with) would get done work early, or my landlord would come by unexpectedly to the back door (big windows in to the kitchen where I was sitting eating my breakfast).  And my neighbours across the street can most definitely see me through the window typing on my computer.  It’s just not something I’m used to.

According to Canada’s oldest nudist club, the Van Tan Club, nudism is about acceptance for who you are, your body and other people’s bodies: “you may not believe it, but nudism is the only place in the world where you will find no body issues!”  The more research I do, the more places I find where you can be a nudist/naturist around the world.  The resorts are places where they encourage all members of the family to enjoy being naked.

It has been five hours of nudity and I am so uncomfortable right now.  My arms hurt from holding up my breasts.  I keep fidgeting and looking at myself in the mirror.  And I keep thinking about I shouldn’t have eaten that mushroom and cheese flatbread last night before bed if I had known I’d have to stare at my belly all day!  Being naked in the bedroom is one thing (or having a naked photo shoot done), but trying to do your laundry in front of a mirror while being afraid your landlord will spontaneously arrive at the window is another.

Read the about the history of nudism/naturism here on the Federation of Canadian Naturists website.

4 thoughts on “One hundred and sixty-three

  1. Nudist for a day!!!! I love it!!!! A few years back i went through a phase where I was getting naked all the time when I was drunk. Some of my friends starting calling me a nudist, it was pretty hilarious but i have to say that I enjoyed being a “drunk nudist” LOL. I found it exhilerating and liberating. Not sure I will ever go back to that phase again (probably better that I don’t) But I will always remember it fondly 🙂

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