One hundred and sixty-seven

Fake nails

I can’t pull up my socks for work!  Why would anyone want these things?  And how do you find something in your purse?  The nails keep getting in the way!

These were my first experiences with my glue-on Shopper’s Drug Mart nails (some of which I put on a little crooked and one which has a piece of my skin stuck to the top of it because I accidentally super-glued my finger to the nail while holding it down – opps!  They are hard to do yourself).  I chose a temporary version of fake nails because I had a feeling I wouldn’t love them, although that did lead to me losing two of them at work.  A very classy hand with three red nails and two natural with leftover glue on top handing people their beer.

Picking things up is especially hard.  Try using the pads of your fingers to pick up a flat knife off a table.  It’s impossible.  I had to slide it to the end and lift it off that way.  And the gross stuff that gets caught in between your nail and your finger.  How do I get that out?

“But it does make the apple you’re eating look really sexy,” a comment from my manager at work after saying that it might not have been the best idea to try out this particular experiment on the day when we are going to be super busy because of a soccer game.  I enjoyed the challenge, and the awkwardness of it.  I felt very prissy and high maintenance (no offense, ladies, to those of you who enjoy these kinds of nails).  But I also felt sexy and almost another person.  I moved differently.  I wondered if I was perceived any differently from others.  What do bright red fake nails say about a person?

As I soaked my fingers in acetone (so healthy) this afternoon to remove them, I couldn’t wait to be back to my real nails.  I use touch a lot to communicate and function and my red fake nails were in the way of this.  It was fun to play dress-up and be another woman for a day.  But I’m happy to be back to me again.

4 thoughts on “One hundred and sixty-seven

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  2. Also makes typing really difficult! I’ve never had fake nails, but when my own nails get to long I really struggle with typing (which is sort of a problem because I’m a desk jockey 9-5er AND a blogger).

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