One hundred and seventy-five

Swimming Sunday

The clouds and impending rain cast a grey gloom over the lake.  The water is as black as my night in the cabin.  I was just told of a four-year old girl who ended up in the hospital after her toes were bitten by a fish.  Her shiny toenail polish was the lure.  I was wearing pink toenail polish.  And then there’s the Lake of Bays monster.  There have been many sightings over the years of a giant creature lurking in the waters.  And with areas of the lake at least 300 feet deep, the likelihood of disproving the existence of this monster is slim.

Could the Lake of Bays monster be a giant sturgeon? (Photo from

I grew up swimming in lakes.  But I’ve always been afraid of what I can’t see.  If I kept a snorkel on and was aware of what was around me every time I went, I wouldn’t be scared.  But the fear of the unknown and the power of nature is something many other people have as well.  There are horror movies made about being abandoned in the middle of the ocean (Open Water), or of sea creatures attacking humans (Jaws, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Deep Blue Sea).  And I think it’s good to realize that there are things out of human control that we must respect and be aware of their strength.

Jumping in to the dark waters of the lake was refreshing and I know logically that there will be no fish biting my toes.  But it did take me a few minutes to get up the courage to jump in and swim to the middle of the bay alone.  Especially after listening to stories of monsters first.  I should really stop watching so many horror films!

Lake of Bays