One hundred and seventy-eight

The Brazilian Wax

“The Turks consider it sinful when a woman lets the hair on her private parts grow. As soon as a woman feels the hair is growing, she hurries to the public bath to have it removed or remove it herself.” (Bassano de Zra, 1520)

Imagine having all the hair in your ‘secret’ place ripped out with wax (although I guess not so secret for me after my trip to the beach!).  Now imagine it being done by someone you know and chatting about what you’ve been up to since you’ve seen her, while you are half naked and she is ‘down there’ ripping wax off your skin.  Think of the hair follicles being torn out in chunks in swift tugs and very deep breaths.

Nikki is an excellent aesthetician and a friend of mine through another friend.  I haven’t seen her in a couple of years, but always enjoy her company.  She mainly concentrates on massage now and is going back to school to study acupuncture, but she still does waxing for her friends at her home.  She was happy to help me out for the blog.

The Brazilian wax has been very popular among young people for years now, but according to Nikki, Oprah did a segment on the brazilian wax which caused an increase in women in their forties and older trying it out.  It’s either all of the hair taken off (sides, front and back), or sometimes a “landing strip” or a small area of hair left at the top.  Most often it is done without panties on, or a thin thong.

Brazilian waxing has been around thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians considered a smooth, hairless body the standard of beauty.  Ancient Greek and Roman cultures also like hairless woman bits.  (source:  Evidence of pubic hair removal was found in India from around 4000 to 3000 BC, and in many Middle Eastern societies it is considered proper hygiene to remove female body hair (wikipedia).

It was definitely odd having a friend wax me.  It’s a pretty intimate experience.  And I know it means nothing to her – she’s seen it all.  But I’m not used to having my friends looking at my ‘peach’.  And the feeling of having hair ripped out of anywhere is not the most pleasant, even if the end result is nice.  Nikki did a great job, but it was definitely out of my comfort zone.

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