One hundred and eighty-eight

As I said yesterday, I am spending the weekend with my family and friends in Ohio at our yearly family “Rib Fest”.  Speaking to the nearly fifty people here about their first kiss stories has been amazing.  From the girl kissing the boy because she was tired of waiting, to a friend kissing a friend which turned into an over-fifty-year-long marriage, I have heard some beautiful stories and learned more about my family and extended family.  It’s also really fun because it has made people reminisce and share stories they might not have done on their own. 

Because of all these great tales, I’ve decided to change a little the premise of this month.  I am now asking people to share their best “first” kiss story.  It could be their very first kiss, or their funniest first kiss, or their first kiss with the love of their life.  Whatever they think is most important.  This will be more entertaining for me and for you to read, and many people forget their very first kiss.

From this weekend, I have two favourite stories.  The first I will tell today is from an anonymous source because she doesn’t want everyone to know it is her (although I’m pretty sure most of them have heard the story before…).  The second I will tell tomorrow. 

How Anon (code name) met her husband…

Anon was a party girl who enjoyed a few (well, actually quite a few) beverages in her day.  One morning she woke up from a keg party a friend had hosted and her friends told her she had kissed a random man the night before.  She didn’t remember anything – not what he looked like or even how she got home.  And although she enjoyed her booze, she didn’t ever kiss men during her escapades, so it was a shock to her that it had happened the night before.  Her friends couldn’t provide too many more details, so she let it go and continued with her life.

About a month later she attended another keg party at the same friend’s house with her same friends accompanying her.  She once again had a few too many drinks and the next thing she knew she was waking up in the morning in her bed at home.  She looked to her side and found a strange man in the bed next to her.  She was wearing all her clothes and her boots, so she knew nothing more had happened than just sleep.  She turned to the man and said: “You seem really nice, but I have no idea who you are or how you got here”. 

Six years later they were married at a gorgeous ceremony in a barn and six more years later they are still happily married and telling me the story of their first few kisses – none of which Anon can remember!