One hundred eighty-nine

My other favourite first kiss story from Rib Fest weekend:

Gary’s first ever kisses (as much of the story as I remember, as it was told while having a few drinks and discussing the blog and the group of people around me’s first kiss stories)…

photo found on google images

“I remember my first kiss,” says Gary laughing, with his hands extended above his head in excitement.  “I must have been about six years old and there was a big field in behind my house.  I was friends with the girl who was my neighbour on the one side.  She would stand at the one end of the field and call me over.  I would run across the yard to her and she would kiss me.  Then her friend (that I didn’t know), who was standing on the other side of the yard, would call me and I would run over to her.  She would kiss me.  This continued back and forth for some time and that is how is had my first kisses!”

Who kissed who?

As my aunt was telling me her first kiss story with her husband – she was tired of waiting, he was too shy and a gentleman, so she got out of the car, walked him to his door and kissed him – she thought it would be interesting to see how many women make the first move when it comes to first kisses.  So, starting now I will be taking a poll of which sex is the one that jumps into the smooch first.

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