One hundred and ninety-one

After posting about my aunt’s version of her first kiss story with my now uncle (he was a gentleman, she was tired of waiting and made the first move), I got an e-mail from my uncle.  “Do not think in any way that I am upset, but… There are two sides to every story…”  So, to represent the other side, here is his version of their first kiss:

My aunt and uncle’s first kiss, told by my uncle…

[After a great first date in which my aunt offered my uncle a breath mint and then she bolted in the opposite direction, and a relaxed second date and unforeseen circumstances that made the mood less than romantic]

“Third date was ‘Stomp’ and we had some nice drinks before the show and snuggled together well during the show. It was a work night and she drove us in her small Honda. I knew I wanted to “make the move”, but when we got back to my house it was raining and the car was too small to do it comfortably so I asked her to come to the porch with me. I intended to hug her first and then go for the lips, but she just dove right in for the smooch. She claims to have been tired of waiting, but it was really only a few seconds away by my plan.”

And here are a few other quickies:

“All I remember is that I had to stand on the curb to reach Heather, my first kiss.”

“I wore Superman underwear, was six years old, and was in a sleeping bag with a girl.  My older sister made us french kiss.”

“Alice came up to me, pecked me on the mouth and said ‘you’re cute!'”