One hundred and ninety-two

Big Brother Bass makes an appearance once again in the blog (he taught me how to play the double bass on day thirty-nine, he was The Musician in date month, and I went to see his concert on day eighty-nine).  He remembers every detail of his first kiss, including what the girl was wearing and the exact temperature outside (ok, maybe not the exact temperature, but if you asked him he would probably come pretty close).  It is one of the top kisses of his entire life.

Big Brother Bass’s first kiss…

Big Brother Bass was so excited when I asked him what his first kiss story was.  “I have a great story!”  He starts to tell me and I make him stop part way through so I can write down the details.  Something about the romance of the tale and how much he lit up with nostalgia while telling it made me want to share his story.  Rarely does anyone remember their first kiss so vividly and with such emotion.

“I was in grade ten.  Her name was Gail G.  We met at the Sadie Hawkins dance.  I went with her friend and she introduced me to Gail.  We started ‘dating’.

Our first kiss was in a grade school yard not far from my house.  It was snowing and cold out.  She wore a long white coat with a furry trim.  She leaned over and looked at me and I looked at her and, I swear to God, it was UNREAL!  It was amazing!  One of the best kisses I’ve ever had. She taught me everything I know about kissing.”