One hundred and ninety-four

Today I leave to drive from Toronto to Vancouver – me driving a red pickup truck, my friend Drew driving his motorbike.  Because of the motorbike, the maximum amount of driving time is about six hours per day, so I figure we will take eleven or twelve days to get there.   Although I will try my best to post every day (fun first kiss stories from Toronto to Vancouver), there might be times when I don’t have internet access and will post double the next day.

It’s 10am and I’m about to leave, but here’s a quick story from two sisters and their first kisses in the late 1960s:

The two sisters…

“I think I was about 14 or 15 and my sister was two years younger than me.  We used to go up to a cottage every summer for two weeks on Georgian Bay with our family.  We met two boys there.  They weren’t brothers, but they both had cottages year-round – rich Toronto people.  We used to hang out with these boys.  They were more worldy than us.  All four of us went under this cottage on stilts (the stilts because of it was on sand). We were necking with the boys under the cottage.  My sister remembers her guy trying to feel her up.  That was my first kiss.  I had forgotten all about it until my sister reminded me.  Gary and Huey.”