One hundred and ninety-seven

Second post today to make up for my missed day…

[I’m writing this from a diner two hours from Thunder Bay along the Trans Canada highway with WiFi and the greatest coffee ever.]

Camping last night with the wind roaring around our tents, snuggled in my sleeping bag I had crazy dreams about tornados.  Yesterday I met a man from Japan who was cycling across Canada.  He started in Victoria, BC and is heading to Quebec City or “as far as I can go”.  I hope he doesn’t have to bike through any of these storms!

My second first kiss story from the road comes from a Quebecois lady I met in the bathroom this morning who’s doing a trip around Ontario in a camper van with her husband.  We were comparing provincial park stories and talking about our journeys when I told her I was a writer and if she wanted to share her first kiss story with me.

“I was five.”  “Five!” I said.  She laughed.  “Yep, five. He was beautiful.  Curly dark hair, green eyes.  He was from my neighbourhood.  We were friends.  We snuck a kiss in his living room while watching cartoons.”  She smiled as we left and we wished each other luck on our trips.  A moment in time that made both our mornings a little better.

On our way to Winnipeg today.  We’re hoping to cut a day off our trip and get out of Ontario early.

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