Two hundred

It’s warmer.  And I actually slept last night. Today is a great day!  And I made it to day two hundred.  We entered Alberta slightly cranky, tired and ready for some new scenery.  I now get why people say the straight line of the prairies feels like it goes on forever and can get a bit tedious.  We stayed in Tillebrook Provincial Park campground.  A nature walk, our new friend the stray cat (we also made friends with a fox yesterday), and the hawk soaring overhead was amazing.  I realized I do love it out here.

We just stopped in the land of cowboys and rodeos – Calgary – and on our way to stay with my aunt and uncle in Canmore.  The bike is still strapped to the back of the pickup truck.

My next first kiss story comes from the server at Humpty’s in Swift Current, Saskatchewan – a town surrounding the highway.  A pretty woman in her twenties with a nice smile and a worried look in her eyes, working at a diner that looks a bit like a hotel room and had a mom walk by us in a grey tracksuit, missing her front tooth, and calling her three-year old son “a little sh_t hump”.  “My first real kiss?  I was in grade five.  He was my boyfriend.  We were at a school dance.  It was quick and sort of a half kiss.”  She gestures to the left side of her lips and her cheek.  “He kiss me, was embarassed and ran off.”  I asked her if she remembered it being good as she went to the cash register at the front of the diner.  “It was nice.  Not movie nice, but nice.”

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