Two hundred and two

Staying in Canmore, Alberta for another night.  We hiked to the top of Ha Ling Peak (2408m/7900ft.) today.  A three-hour round trip to the top from where we parked, the hike had us climbing up above the tree line and onto the mountain face.  Scary, but so worth it!  The view was incredible!  Although I’m pretty sore now.

My aunty Lyn shared her story of her first kiss with me while we were enjoying a few beers yesterday:

“His name was John Lavery.  He came into our class mid-year grade six.  He was tall and dark and walked with a bounce because he was so tall.”  Lyn proceeded to show me his walk, bouncing across the room.  “I snuck out of my parent’s house to his house one night.  We were in grade seven.  I remember the bedroom had no windows in it.  So strange, very dark.  Not only did he kiss me, he put his hand on my boob!  I can’t remember if it was the right or the left boob.  I was so upset I left!  Years and years and years later, I ended up having a brief fling with his older brother.  I would have been twenty or twenty-one.”

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