Two hundred and three

We’re leaving Canmore today to drive through the Rockies to a campground  outside of Kamloops, British Columbia.  First stop Banff.  Second stop Lake Louise.   Third stop camp.  At least that is the plan.  We are trying to fix the bike (‘we’ in the Drew doing everything and me handing him tools, occasionally lifting a part and being moral support) this morning so Drew can ride it through the mountains.  I have internet now, so thought it best to post while I have it and tell stories of today in tomorrow’s post.

Entering Alberta with the bike on the back of the truck. Hopefully entering BC with it driving beside.

My final interview from Canmore comes from Lauren,  a twenty-seven-year-old hairdresser and stylist originally from Calgary.  Her first comment when I asked her about her first kiss was:   “It was going to be special, then it just sucked!”  She was fifteen years old.  “His name was Tommy Haywood.  We used to innocently flirt on MSN Messenger.  He came over to my house on an early dismissal Friday from school.  The kiss sucked.  We banged teeth and foreheads!”