Two hundred and five

A night in a shared-house of eleven Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians and a couple other nationalities was a proper Whistler experience.  Thanks Kate, Blake and the rest of the crew for your hospitality.  The bike is fixed as well!  It was my last drive in Bessie (the red pick-up) this morning while Drew rode his motorcycle to drop me off at the Horseshoe Bay ferry to head over to Gibsons.  It’s been raining all day.  The grey skies obscured the beautiful views of the mountains and water as we drove from the ferry to my friend’s house in Gibsons.  I’m spending the night here in their adorable cottage.  The rainy day calls for wine, potatoes, burgers and cards.

Jane’s most scandalous first kiss

“I worked at this bar and he was a manager/bartender.  We had a great chemistry.  But he was married. I never thought anything would happen.  He was super funny, really friendly, nice.   All of the things that made me have a crush on him made me think he would never stray away from his wife.  He used to talk about her. I thought he was the perfect husband. He was so awesome – one of those cases when you wish he wasn’t married.  I also didn’t think he would ever like me.  He was so cool.  Anyway, I just crushed on him in private, in silence.  I used to go to the bar on my nights off and hang out cause he was awesome.  One night I was at the bar drinking and he was working. He was giving me and the other co-worker a ride home.  It made more sense to drop me off first, but he dropped the other co-worker off first instead and joked that he was going to make out with me.  Because he was such a joker and cool, I never thought anything would happen.  He dropped the other guy off and we went to a local landmark that was closed at night.  We went for a walk and sat down by the lake.  Then he kissed me.  I can remember thinking to myself how shocked I was that it was really happening.   With my drunken brain, only after our lips met did I realize what was going on.  I wish I could tell you that I said no, but unfortunately it turned into a four-year unhealthy, intense and drama-filled relationship.”