Two hundred and nine

The woes of staying in a hostel…

The communal shower (two for all the women of the floor) is the size of a refrigerator, that has a door that opens into the toilet stall directly across and I am scared to touch the walls of.  There is no room or place to put your clothes to change in to, so you either have to walk through the bathroom naked (in which the main door is always open, so inevitable some guy will be walking by in the hall as you walk past the open door to get your clothes and give him a show), or you have to hang your clothes on the door of the shower and have them get wet.

And that is the least of my worries.  Besides the drunken twenty-year old Aussies walking around the hallways yelling at each other at all times of the night, there is the thumping music of the bar below and the fact that there are always people coming and going from the dorm.  To top it all off, last night I came back to the hostel to find some girl sleeping in my bed, in the sheets that I had slept on.  She had moved all of my things that I had set out on the bed (including my water bottle, book, pen and paper) to the upper bunk and got cosy in my dirty sheets.  So weird.  I have stayed in a lot of hostels and never has that happened to me before.

Luckily, though, nothing of mine has been stolen.  And it is really cheap.  Not cheap enough for me to want to stay another night in the dorm, though – I’m splurging on a private room for my last night in Vancouver.

With the grime of the hostel on my skin and a full day of walking around, I also splurged on a prime rib dinner (getting prepared for vegan month starting Saturday) at The Keg where I used to work five years ago.  It was very odd to go back in there after all these years.  My first kiss story today comes from the bartender there.

Kristen’s first two kisses – in the same night!

“I was in grade ten and I was at a party.  It was what it was like when you’re at a party.  I won’t say there was drinking, but you know…  I had a crush on this guy I was friends with.  We were talking outside and I kinda told him I had feelings for him and he just went in for the kiss.  I had butterflies.  Then later on this other guy that I didn’t talk to that much out of the blue kissed me too!”

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