Two hundred and ten

My last night in British Columbia

Alas, my journey is coming to an end.  I fly back to Toronto tomorrow and leave the beautiful mountains behind me.  Although I love the culture Toronto has to offer, I miss dearly the proximity to outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes that is present everywhere in the west.  I wish I could have it all.  The nomad in me is getting restless.  Perhaps it’s time for a move…

The Vancouver sushi I will be missing

For now, though, I concentrate on the book, finishing up first kiss stories and preparing myself for the difficult task of being vegan next month.  My story today comes from Isabelle working at Saje in Kitsilano.  Isabelle is a short-haired thin woman in her late fifties, obviously passionate about natural products and her job selling them.  When I mentioned my project, there was a pause and then a moment that had we been a cartoon, a lightbulb would have appeared over Isabelle’s head.

Isabelle and her vow never to kiss again…

“I remember my first kiss!  Isn’t that funny?  It was so long ago.  We were playing spin the bottle and young, very young.  I don’t remember his name.  Of course I knew the boy I wanted to kiss.  Instead I spun and the first boy that kissed me had braces.  I remember it being all metal.  Why would anyone want to do that?!  My mom said I never wanted to kiss a boy ever again!”

I asked Isabelle if she told her mom right away.  “She was right there!” Isabelle said.  “That was a long time ago.  They wouldn’t leave us alone.”

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