Two hundred and twelve

I’m waiting to hear back from the second part of my double bill, so it will have to wait another day.  Today’s story comes from my friend Jenn.  When I first talked about writing first kiss stories Jenn sent me the most adorable video of two little kids having their first kiss.  She was also excited to share her first kiss story.  I will let her words and the video speak for themselves:


Jenn’s childhood friend’s “kissing medicine”

“When I was a kid I grew up with a boy named Ryan.  My mom was best friends with a guy she went to high school with and when he got married, she became best friends with his wife.  They had a kid…that would be Ryan.  He was 2 years younger than me and I met him the second day of his life and we were pretty inseparable after that.  We hung out, played normal kid games, watched Howard the Duck for hours on end and were the best of friends.  The “When Harry met Sally moment” came pretty early for us (if you don’t know what I am talking about, it is the debate as to whether men and women can actually be friends).  I was 8 and he was 6 and he wanted to play “doctor”.  I had no idea what that meant.  What that meant to Ryan was that I would pretend I was asleep from a spell from an evil wizard and he would be the doctor who would wake me up with his “kissing medicine”.  At first he would kiss my hand and I would wake up all sleepy and then thank him for saving me.  We would giggle and run around the room (even then we knew we were probably doing something we shouldn’t).  One day, I had just been poisoned with the sleeping potion from the evil wizard (a role Ryan decided he also wanted to play.  We would fill a cup up with Tang and pretend it was a potion), and I shut my eyes and waited for the kiss on my hand but he planted one right on my lips.  At the time I wiped it off and ran around the room coughing and screaming and laughing.  Now I look back on it as one of my favourite memories with Ryan.  I have now known him for 26 years and we still hang out, play games, watch Howard the Duck, and talk about his “kissing medicine”.

*When I called Ryan and asked him if I could share this moment he stated that he was not my first kiss.  I had a moment on the playground in elementary school where two boys who I was in class with, Marc Upton and Andrew King, tapped me on the shoulder at the same time and when I turned around they both kissed me on the cheek.  I insist that this happened AFTER Ryan and I kissed.  He insists before.”