Two hundred and thirteen

I’m back in the swing of things.  I forgot how comfortable my bed is and how much I love my apartment.  I ran into an old university friend yesterday that reminded me how many people there are in Toronto I care about.  I guess this city isn’t so bad.  Although I still wish it had mountains surrounding it!

On to the topic of the month – as promised, a double bill of first kiss stories from my two amazing university friends:


“The best story about a first kiss that comes to mind is my funniest.  I’d been on numerous dates with this guy and he hadn’t kissed me.  I was getting really frustrated.  I’m not the type of girl to make the first move.  We had just seen a movie at the Scotiabank Theatre and we were standing at King and John or somewhere around there.  It was cold out and snowy – in the winter sometime.  I was so aggravated he didn’t make a move, so I just put my face up really close to his and kissed him.  He looked a little shocked.  I thought ‘great, done, out of the way, that’s the way it’s done!’  It was more a kiss out of aggravation than romance.”


“My first ‘first kiss’?  It’s a little kid one.  I was 9 and he was 10.  We were in the school yard.  Myself and my best friend from grade three were ‘dating’ these two boys who were in grade four.  We decided we would both kiss them at the same time.  It was behind the portable so the teachers couldn’t catch us. We counted down, then gave them the tiniest little peck on the lips that didn’t really count.  They ran off cheering. We ‘dated’ for three weeks.

I’m still friends with both of the guys.  Funnily enough, later on I ended up kissing the other guy.  My original kiss still introduces me as ‘This is Siobhan – she was my first kiss’.”