Two hundred and fourteen

Today’s post is a little different – a reoccurring character in the blog has given me a video of his first kiss story, as opposed to me writing it.  The famous Eco-comedian (who I met during date month, accompanied me for my two lunches in Yorkville – one as a ‘hussy’ and one as a ‘bum’, and has become a good friend of mine) tells the story of his first kiss and why he’s never really gotten over it.  It’s a one-take video, so he does go on a bit of a tangent at times (sorry Josh), but the raw emotion of what it feels like to never get over your first love is there.  Josh shares a lot of his life online through video and photography (his You Tube page is here if you’re interested) and is currently running for Green Party MPP in Eglinton-Lawrence (his Facebook page here).  Thanks Josh for really opening up and sharing this part of your life, even though I know it was hard for you.

The Eco-comedian/Josh’s first kiss – a tragic story of love and loss