Two hundred and fifteen

I made it through First Kiss Interviews month!

This month has been as much about my journey across part of Canada and the people I met, as it has been about the first kiss stories.  I am still in awe of how beautiful this country is and what a wide range of people live here.  I thank everyone who shared their story with me and took time to talk to a crazy writer from Toronto.

Recap of the month

I have been told amazing first kisses that have led to marriages, very first kisses in the playground or the field, spin the bottle, playing doctor, and disgusting first kisses.  There were first kisses with friends ‘practicing’ for the real thing, two sides of the same story, my mom’s first kiss (I can’t tell you which story it is because she made me use code names), kiss with a married man, first kisses that changed people’s lives and ones that they would rather forget.  One first kiss even caused a supernatural occurrence. I love all the stories, but here are a few of my favourites (I obviously like the romantic or funny ones):

What did I learn?

You might not think it if you met me, but I can be really shy and introverted at times.  It’s really hard for me to approach people I don’t know and ask them for something – even if it is just a story.  I don’t think I realized how personal asking someone about their first kiss can be until I started trying to ask strangers about that intimate moment in their lives.  I had to practice a way to approach the question without sounding creepy or too invasive.  Generally, though, people were so kind to share with me and actually seemed happy to reminisce about the past, even when it was a bad first kiss.

As the month went on, I almost became more interested in how the people reacted to the question of what was their first kiss, than the actual story.  I loved what a strong emotion it brought out in so many people – especially older women.  I realized a few days in that I would have a better chance getting a good story from people who I was already having a conversation and had a rapport with. So I ended up having some really great conversations with people I will probably never see again in my life.  I need to do more of that.

A few other things I learned… Women tended to remember more than men did.  Most people didn’t think their story was very interesting.  About half were bad first kisses – some even made the person swear off kissing for awhile.  Women made the first move in just over a quarter of the stories.  Most people remember the full name of their first kiss.

Where do I go from here with First Kiss Interviews?

It would be interesting to have a separate project devoted entirely to first kiss stories, perhaps where people can submit and vote on their favourites.  I don’t have the time to work on that now, so maybe one day I will, or maybe someone else will run with this idea and make it grow.

What I got out of this was how wonderful it was to talk to people from all walks of life.  I will make an effort to connect more with strangers and stop hiding in my private bubble.  Taking the time to have a small conversation with a random person can brighten your day.

Today I start a month of being vegan.  I never realized how many things have animal products in them.  This is going to be hard!

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