Two hundred and nineteen

I have a mild headache.  My body aches.  I am tired.  Oh the joys of becoming vegan.  At first I blamed it on the fact that I’ve closed the pub (worked until late) four out of the past five nights.  And yes, it is partly due to that and my body readjusting to working on my feet after sitting in a car for three weeks.  But it is also due to the dreaded ‘detox’.

From my research in vegan forums online and vegetarian, vegan and raw websites these symptoms are normal.  My body is adjusting to the toxins being released into my body.  Evelyn Parham explains it on Becoming a Healthier You:

The detoxification process is when the lymph fluid (intercellular fluid) removes impurities from the blood. As the impurities are removed, your body is lightened of the blockages within the cells are removed, resulting in improved health… The toxins are circulating throughout your body which can cause you to feel ill… During the detoxification process the body will use the eliminating systems for your cleansing.  These systems include the integumentary system – skin (largest organ), digestive system, circulatory and respiratory systems.

There are many possible detox symptoms, including: coldness or hot flashes; fever; diarrhea; rashes; cravings for poor food; mucus discharges; anxiety, depression and other imbalances; bad breath; coughs; cold symptoms; drowsiness; headaches; body aches; nausea; unclear thinking; weight loss.

From reading some of the forums and posts online, so far I have it easy.  A few people have described horrible extremes of the symptoms listed above.  I can deal with a few pains in my head and body and a little bit of fatigue.  Now that I think about it, though, I did feel slightly emotional and moody on Sunday for no reason.  In any case, these symptoms should only last a week or so until my body adjusts to my change in diet.  And I need to make sure I’m drinking lots of water.

11 thoughts on “Two hundred and nineteen

  1. I would also warm people when they detox or cleanse that they will become irritable and annoyed easily. Every time I did a cleanse the first 3 days I would be frustrated by the smallest things. Just a heads up!

  2. Have you found any places that actually say what these toxins are? I’ve wondered about ‘detoxes’but haven’t been able to track down anywhere that has actual evidence of these toxins, or that your kidneys and liver can’t remove them naturally.

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