Two hundred and twenty

I’m feeling better today.  The headache is very minimal and a few months ago I bought a coupon/pass for a hot yoga studio in Liberty Village on the group-buying site Living Social (I’m still using what I learned during extreme coupon month), so I started that today.  I figure sweating out the toxins might help speed up the process and yoga generally makes me feel great.  I’m also drinking tons of water, trying to flush out my system.

My friend Chris asked whether I knew in more detail what the toxins are.  I’ve asked an ‘expert’ friend of mine, so I should have an answer about that in the next few days.

The more research I do on the vegan lifestyle, the more overwhelming it gets.  There are so many products – food, cosmetics, toiletries, furniture, clothing, cleaning products, supplements, alcohol, etc – that have animal products in them.  The Vegan Society has a massive list of animal-derived substances.  To fully live a vegan life, you must be diligent at all times.  There are hidden ingredients everywhere.

My way of dealing with this right now is to shop and eat where the research is already done for me.  Panacea is a completely vegan store around Bathurst and Bloor with groceries, health and beauty products, clothing, etc.  Not the cheapest place to get your groceries, but you know that everything is vegan in the store, so it saves times looking at all the labels.  Last night I went to Kale Eatery at Yonge and Eglinton where there is a buffet of vegan food which you pay for by weight.  It was pretty tasty, although it did feel a bit like it was missing the main dish (what would normally be the meat).  I bought a wrap and a couple of muffins to take home with me too and the wrap, which I had for lunch today, was delicious!

As for the products I already use in my house, I’m going to have to start looking through to see if any of them are tested on animals or contain animal-derived substances.  This is a lot of work.

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