Two hundred and thirty-two

While I’m on the topic of makeup and skin care, I decided to look through all the beauty products I use and see what ingredients are in them.  I started by using the PETA lists on companies the Do and Don’t Test on Animals and the company websites.  I divided my makeup and body care in to two piles – the don’t test on animals pile including my Revlon eyeliner, Almay eye shadow, Tarte tinted mosturizer, Marcelle lotion and St. Ives face scrub; the do test on animals with my L’Oreal mascara and Degree antiperspirant (I hear the aluminum in antiperspirant isn’t good for you anyways).  Mascara and deodorant are out.  I can’t find any information on my Quo blush and My Fruits & Passion perfume website says “none of our finished products are tested on animal” (does that mean the ingredients before the “finished” product were?).

From there I took the Don’t Test on Animals list and tried to determine if there are any animal products in them.  Do you know how hard it is to find out ingredients of products?  As told by Kait in my post yesterday, there are no regulations in the cosmetics industry that requires the companies to publish their ingredients.  The products I could find the ingredients lists for, I then had to cross-check with PETA Animal Ingredient List.  What a pain in the butt!  Tarte stood out as they have both vegan-certified products and are mostly natural.  St. Ives has lanolin – a product of the oil glands of sheep, extracted from their wool.

Once I started looking at the ingredients, though, I realized most of the stuff I use is comprised of a bunch of scary looking chemicals that I can’t imagine are good for me.  I’m not sure it matters whether they’re vegan or not, if they have cancer-causing ingredients in them…