Two hundred and thirty-three

Have I mentioned recently how much I love my friends?  Maybe it’s the healthy food, or the yoga, or the fact that I am surrounded by amazing, supportive people who want to not only encourage my crazy experiments, but be a part of them, but I’m just so full of love today.  Everyone has ups and downs – I definitely have my moments (you should be glad you didn’t know me during my teenage years – sorry mom).  But, whatever choices I’m making this month have definitely changed the way I feel as a whole.

It’s funny how this year has been such a roller coaster ride.  I have gone from month to month researching and learning about topics and worlds I had no idea about.  Some months have been healthy (art, cooking, first kiss interviews, some of the pushing myself out of my comfort zone) and some months have destroyed me physically and mentally (date month).  Through it all, though, I’ve had my writing to keep me company and my family and friends to both laugh with me (and sometimes at me) and push me along.

Yesterday my friend Leah from work had me over for a home-cooked vegan lunch.  She was so excited about being able to help out this month.  She cooked the most amazing chickpea curry and we made vegan chapati bread together (recipes from  Vegan or not, you should try this recipe (mom, I’m talking to you – and yes, you can use real milk if you really want to). Super healthy, easy and super tasty.  Thank you Leah for a lovely afternoon!

I know sometimes people are more interested in reading about when I encounter challenges (and do silly things) than when I’m happy and healthy.  But the downs don’t mean anything without the ups – the balance of life.  I personally like the ups better than the downs!

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