Two hundred and forty

Vegan travel

Last month, when I drove across Canada, I opted to change around my months and not be vegan on the road.  It seemed too hard – trying to find things I can eat that have enough nutrients and protein in little towns across the country.  I think it would be even harder when traveling abroad.  When you’re visiting a new city or country, don’t you want to try their local dish?  Unfortunately, many local dishes are not vegan (depending on what part of the world you are in).  I met a girl the other day who traveled Europe and ate no animal products.  I was shocked.  What about pizza in Italy?  Paella in Spain?  Sunday roast in England?  It was hard, she told me, but not as difficult as you might think.

Typing in “vegan travel” on Google turns up pages and pages of people who have traveled the world on an animal-free diet.  Advice on where to eat, what countries are best to go to, exercises to help you keep healthy, travel tips, what to do on an airplane (and what airplanes have vegan meal options), even vegan cruise ships.  There are lists of restaurants and accommodations that cater to vegans arranged by country.  There are veg travel companies that will do all the work for you.

Below are a few websites that looked particularly useful.  Maybe I could be a vegan and still travel? Although I’m not sure I want to miss out on pizza in Italy… – This is the website the girl I met used while traveling around Europe.  They have airline tips, worldwide vegan resorts and bed & breakfasts, health advice, and lists of popular travel guide books and travel companies.  Particularly useful is their famous searchable guide to vegetarian friendly restaurants around the world. – Lots of tips on how to survive as a vegan while traveling, including: find local vegans, carry a food stash, make a list of places to eat, and know the lingo (there is a book called the Vegan Passport that has vegan important phrases in 93% of the world’s languages).  Also specific country travel guides. – Vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency. – A personal website by Maria Giurcan, the author of How to Travel the World As a Vegan.  Full of great information gained from personal experience. – Another listing site of vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants around the world.  Not quite as easy to use as the Happy Cow listings.