Two hundred and forty-four

Is Vegan right for everyone?

Many of you know that I have recently been struggling for the first time in my life with health problems. When I discovered that my problems were a direct result of my vegan diet I was devastated.  2 months ago, after learning the hard way that not everyone is capable of maintaining their health as a vegan, I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life and gave up veganism and returned to eating an omnivorous diet…” – Tasha, A Vegan No More,

As I was checking out vegan recipes on the other day, I started reading about Tasha’s journey from being a “vegangelical” to a meat-eating omnivore.  Despite being so pro-vegan, a slew of health problems required her to start eating animal products again (despite many tears and trying for months every alternative possible), and her health returned immediately .

It’s a long but fascinating read on one woman’s story of how both her eating habits and her beliefs changed.  If you have time, vegan or not, it’s a great other side to the lifestyle I’ve adapted over the past month and a good balance to the hardcore vegans I have talked to and researched.

After writing the post, Tasha had tens of thousands of views, hundreds of comments, e-mails and tweets.  She had people encourage her, and others threaten her family’s life (funny that a vegan who is opposed to killing animals threatens human life).  She retorted with another post: Vegan Defector Talks Back, answering questions and responding to some of the negative comments she received.

I think it’s important to show the other side of the vegan story.  Humans do need certain vitamins that can only come from animal products (specifically B12, although this can come from supplements if your body accepts them).  And we are omnivores, coming from the Latin ‘omni’ or everything, meaning we eat what is available – opportunistic eaters.  Therefore, we can thrive on a vegetarian/vegan diet, or with meat.

I’ve read a lot on veganism over the past month and I do agree that it is a great choice to make for your health and your body (and factory farm animals and the environment), as long as you are very aware of what you are eating and making sure you get all the nutrients you need.  I also believe that a little bit of meat, in moderation, and that is free-range, local, organic, and you know where it is coming from, is not necessarily bad.  More on this topic tomorrow for my final post of my vegan month…