Two hundred and forty-nine

Happy National Chicken Lady, Candy, Common Sense, King Tut, Russian Unity Day!

Sometimes I’m doing research on holidays in November and I shake my head in disbelief.  National Chicken Lady Day –  are you kidding me?  A day to celebrate a motivational speaker (unfortunately not the Kids in The Hall sketch)?  And how did this come about?  Did she decide to create her own day or someone was so enamored by her that they created a national holiday?  She even has a jingle

Then of course it’s also National Candy Day and Use Your Common Sense Day.  Although if I were to combine the two, I’d be in a stale mate.  Eat candy, but common sense says it’s bad for me, but I have to eat it for Candy Day, but common sense says don’t…

King Tut Day, a celebration of Nov. 4, 1922, when a team of archaeologists found the entrance to King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt, is a little more exciting.  Although I’m not sure how I’d celebrate it?  Watch a documentary on King Tut?  Wear an Egyptian headdress around town?  I did write my name in hieroglyphs on the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website here, which was sort of fun.

Finally, it’s Unity Day in Russia, commemorating the popular uprising which expelled the Polish-Lithuanian occupation force from Moscow in November 1612.  “Its name alludes to the idea that all the classes of Russian society willingly united to preserve Russian statehood when its demise seemed inevitable.” (see more at Wikipedia)

I’m increasingly under the impression that this month will result in a lot of useless facts and celebrations of some holidays that are completely ridiculous or I can never understand the political background of.  Speaking of ridiculous holidays…

National Sandwich Day recap

How I celebrated National Sandwich Day: see photo above.  Enough said.