Two hundred and fifty-two

It’s been a long weekend and an even longer day today, so instead of writing about the holiday, I will post a video (you know some days when you’d just rather watch a movie than think):

People love cat videos (this one has 2,862,598 views)… Apparently if I put more of them in my blog I’ll get more readers.  I never really understood this, but this one is pretty cute.  Happy Hug-a-Bear Day!

It is also National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (seriously?!), just in case you want to nibble on chocolate while snuggling with your teddy.

Eid al-Adha/ Feast of Sacrifice recap

Going from being vegan to sacrificing a goat or lamb in honour of Ibraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to God wasn’t going to happen.  First of all, although I accept the right for other people to have that ritual, it is against what I believe in.  Secondly, I don’t have a goat or lamb to sacrifice.  I also don’t have a community to celebrate this with, relatives to share the meat around, and a means to distribute the meat to the poor – all of which are important parts of the ritual.  Thirdly, from what I understand Eid al-Adha is about honouring and giving thanks to Allah, helping the poor, needy and vulnerable, compassion and forgiveness.  Sharing to help others is important during this joyful occasion.  And of course it is a big celebration. The sacrificing is a symbol.

My sacrifice was one of money and not of animal.  I donated an amount of money to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto to help feed those who don’t have the means to support their families.  According to the 2011 Profile of Hunger in the GTA, there were 1,082,000 client visits to the food bank between April 2010 and March 2011.  That’s a lot of people who don’t have food to feed their children or a way to have nutritiously balanced meals.

As for the celebration part, I unfortunately had to work all day.  However, the Muslim Association of Canada held an Eid Festival at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre yesterday, if you would like more information on the celebration aspect of this holiday.