Two hundred and sixty-four

International Men’s Day

A day to celebrate MAN in all his glory.  And I love men.  I’m a daddy’s girl (although I also love my mom dearly too).  I have a lot of male friends.  In all honesty, I often feel more comfortable around guys than girls – it’s less complicated and what they say is usually what they mean (some girls are very good at playing games, but then, as I’ve learned recently, some boys are as well).  The girls that I do connect with are often like me in this way.  I also love men because my clinic doctor is a man and I’ve had an amazing man nursing me back to health over the past couple of days, and I’m feeling a lot better (not perfect, a little slow and always sore, but on the upward).  That makes me love men even more!  So Happy International Men’s Day!

International Men’s Day began in Trinidad and Tobago on November 19th, 1999.  It was supported by the United Nations and men’s groups around the world.  According to the IMD global website the “objectives of International Men’s Day include a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.”  As well as celebrating men’s positive contributions, highlighting discrimination against males, to “reduce the polarization between the men’s movement and the women’s movement” highlighting the common bonds of humanity, and a yearly theme with 2011 focusing on boy’s health and well being.  It is now celebrated in over 60 countries, with Canada joining in 2009.

Remember all the contributions those kind, hard-working, good men in your life have made and thank them today.  And for all those feminists out there: I am definitely a feminist, but remember it isn’t “us” versus “them” and let’s work together towards a common goal.

Other holidays today

It is also Have a Bad Day Day, created by the writers at to get store clerks to say “have a bad day” instead of “have a nice day”; the paper-wrapped pencil was patented in 1895; the Sultan’s birthday in Oman and a public holiday; the discovery of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and a national holiday; National Adoption Day; and the birthday of my sister from another mother, who I’ve known since I visited her when she was born and I was five and a half months old and is in the Galapagos right now biking with giant turtles or something like that (not quite a national holiday, but I’m sure she’d love it to be!).