Two hundred and seventy-one

International Aura Awareness Day

“Every atom, every molecule, every group of atoms and molecules
however simple or complex, however large or small, tells the story of
itself, its pattern, its purpose, through the vibrations which emanate from
it. Colors are the perceptions of these vibrations by the human eye.
… Color seems to be a characteristic of the vibration of matter, and our
souls seem to reflect it in this three-dimensional world through atomic
patterns. We are patterns, and we project colors, which are there for
those who can see them.”
Edgar Cayce

I’ve been called a hippie more times than I can count.  I’m ok with that.  I believe in peace and love and saving the environment.  And I’m sure celebrating this holiday will only solidify that.  I have to admit, though, I can’t see auras.  I actually only vaguely knew what an aura was before doing my research today.

Held on the fourth Saturday of November, this year marks the 10th anniversary of International Aura Awareness Day.  According to, the purpose of this holiday is to both increase awareness of auras and take account of your own aura.  “Since dark or damaged auras are early warning indicators of every kind of physical, emotional, and psychological problem, it is clear that you can improve your health by taking one day each year to examine your aura.”

The Parapsychological Association defines the aura as: “a field of subtle, multicolored, luminous radiations said to surround living bodies as a halo or cocoon; the term is occasionally used to refer to the normal electromagnetic field forces surrounding the body.”

Every living thing has an aura, with plants generally having a white light and humans and animals producing layers and patterns of frequencies interpreted as different colours.  “These colours and the shape and form of the aura around the body can be used to diagnose health and describe a person’s temperament, personality characteristics, and passions.” (,

Each colour has different indications/conditions, body parts/organs, afflictions, musical notes, and planet.  To see an example of a colour chart and what colours mean what, click here.

There are different layers that represent different things (although this is interpreted differently by different schools of thought). “The outer layers carry information about a person’s mood and well-being in the moment; middle layers portray your health, emotional patterns, relationships and your strengths and vulnerabilities; and at the most profound layers of the aura, your true self and your life purpose are revealed.” (

As someone who understands practical science, facts and logic more than abstract ideas, I grasp onto certain areas about auras more than others.  So, this is my take on auras, for those of you who are more like me… Our energy field is made up of billions of tiny particles of energy, which are changing all the time.  When things are bad emotionally or mentally, this can manifest itself into problems in the physical body, through tension, disease and general ill health (ie. how stress can affect us physically).  These bad emotional and physical problems affect our energy and the energy around us (think of how you feel next to someone who is depressed or stressed versus someone who is happy and calm).  So by fixing ourselves from the inside, this can help in the healing process of physical problems.

Perhaps I’ll be called a hippy even more, but I do believe in the healing power of mental and emotional thought, even if auras are a hard concept for me to grasp.

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