Two hundred and seventy-five

I made it through 30 Holiday Celebrations!

Going from being vegan, to eating a little fish and chicken, to being really sick, to recovering, my body has gone through quite the roller-coaster this month.  Consequently, so has my energy level, my mind and my emotions.  But I made it through in good health and feeling great.  Even during that rough period of not being able to leave my bed, I was still interested in all these different holiday celebrations – even if I couldn’t celebrate them myself.  That was the beauty of this month.  I could honour the holidays around the world by researching, understanding and writing about them.

Recap of the month

I covered many holidays, from international celebrations, to silly ‘marketing’ days, to local parties.  Here are some of my favourites: World Vegan Day; All Souls Day (Catholic); American National Sandwich Day; Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night (England)Eid al-Adha (Muslim); Journalist’s Day (China);  Iqbal Day (Pakistan); Remembrance Day; Chicken Soup for the Soul Day; World Kindness Day; World Diabetes Day; UN International Day of ToleranceStruggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Czech Republic); Mickey Mouse’s Birthday; International Men’s Day; Mexican Revolution Day; World Hello Day; Start Your Own Country Day; Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day; American Thanksgiving; Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day; International Aura Awareness Day; Movember; Square Dance Day.

What did I learn?

“I am learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.”
~Eartha Kitt

There were heaps of interesting things I learned this month.  I feel like a fountain of (sometimes useless) knowledge!  How else would I have known about how to start my own country and the Prince of Sealand putting his principality on the market? That Movember started in Australia?  Or all the complicated rules that go along with Square Dancing? I might not have spoken to the man from Egypt at the Occupy Toronto camp on Bonfire Night.  And I probably would never have celebrated Mickey Mouse’s birthday, or learned about all the different religious and national holidays that other people celebrate both around the world and in different religions here in Canada.

Unlike some of the other months, which had a lot of personal growth or change, this month was more about knowledge and research for me.  I did enjoy celebrating the holidays, but I was more interested in learning about all their details and about what it would be like to celebrate them in the context they are generally celebrated in.

Where do I go from here with Holiday Celebrations?

Hmmm… This is a tricky one.  I’m not sure I’ll really be celebrating every one of these holidays every year.  That would make November pretty busy!  Although I did really appreciate my time visiting my grandfather’s grave for All Souls’ Day, and learning about the weird and wonderful holidays celebrated throughout the world.  But I honestly will not be celebrating Hug A Bear Day or Banana Pudding Lovers Month.

I will go forward from this month with more of a respect and appreciation for other cultures’ celebrations.  Next time I see a random holiday on my calendar, I will spend a few minutes looking up what it is and how it is honoured.

Tomorrow I start Good Deed a Day month.  I’m looking forward to spending time helping people for the month.