Two hundred and seventy-seven

Helping family

Sometimes the simplest things are the best good deeds.  Especially when it comes to family.  Everyone could use a little help around the house.  Taking out the garbage if it is full.  Washing dishes.  Helping around the house.

I am visiting my family in Ohio, staying with my aunt Jen, uncle Jerry and my five-year old cousin Josie.  They are so lovely to have us stay with them.  The least I can do is help them out when I can.  While my aunt was out I secretly folded the laundry that was just out of the dryer.  I’ve done some other secret things, but they read this blog so I’m not going to give it away and take away the value of the good deeds!

And I don’t want people to think I’m just doing this because of the blog.  I would do it anyways.  I love making my aunt and uncle’s life easier.

Sorry, this is a short post as we’re off to see Happy Feet 2 at the cinema, then to Grandpa’s for dinner!  Great day!

2 thoughts on “Two hundred and seventy-seven

  1. Thank you for coming to visit! We had such a nice time. You have always been such a thoughtful person, even when you were a little girl. It is not surprising that you are doing a month of good deeds because this comes so naturally to you.

    Thank you for sharing your good deeds with us! I think the laundry is a perfect example that gestures do not have to be grandiose to be highly appreciated. I think most would agree that folding laundry is a mind-numbing job that never ends. I was fully capable of doing it myself but to come home and see that you had folded the laundry was such a treat!

    Apparently you have done some other secret good deeds around here- although I have not figured them out yet, I thank you for those too!!

    But most of all I thank you for showing so much love to your little cousin. Josie looks forward to her time with you and Auntie Lulu. Your visits together are filled with activities, dancing, laughter and fun! You are such a great influence and someone for her to look up to.

    We Love You!
    Aunt Jen

    • Awww. Thanks Aunt Jen! I had such a great time with you all! Crafts and baking and tea parties are so much fun.

      Love you lots and can’t wait to visit again soon xxoo

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