Two hundred and seventy-nine


According to Statistics Canada, roughly 82% of commuters traveled to work by car in 2010.  Factoring in the other situations where people spend in their automobile (running errands, entertainment, shopping, etc.), that’s a lot people spending a lot of time driving.  In Toronto, it’s revered to be an aggressive driver.  It’s pretty hard to get anywhere in the city without sticking your nose out and forcing  your way in and around traffic.

Unfortunately, this attitude tends to stick with drivers even when they aren’t in traffic.  According to The City of Toronto Traffic Safety Unit, there were 2,159 car-pedestrian collisions in 2010.  Then of course there are all the bike collisions and car-to-car accidents.

Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if we were all a little more courteous on the road?  This was my goal yesterday while driving.  When an old man was trying to cross a parking lot that I was driving through, I stopped and let him cross in front of me.  He smiled and waved.  When a red Honda wanted into my lane on the highway during traffic, I let her in.  I stopped to let a man turn left in front of me on a busy street.  I tried to be as good to other drivers as I would hope they would be to me.

It actually made me a lot calmer on the road and in a better mood driving.   I imagine less stressed, happier drivers would make for less collisions.  And it seemed karma showed itself, as when I needed to turn left, a wonderful person stopped and let me turn in front of her.