Two hundred and eighty

How far a dollar can go…

I loved this video.  It made me cry.  A little sentimental, but such a beautiful idea.  One dollar can go so far.

I’ve decided that every day this month, starting today, I’m going to donate at least one dollar to a charity or a person in need.  I am comfortable and make enough money to be able to afford to live in a nice place in Toronto, eat healthy food, treat myself to a meal out or a play or movie.  I am grateful to have a job and be able to afford the necessities in life.  Not everyone can.  I want to share what I have.  I am inspired by all the stories I’ve been reading about good deeds and by this video.  Even a few dollars counts.

I started today by both signing the petition on the Habitat for Humanity website in support of affordable housing in Canada, and donating $25.  Just by signing, MCAP Canada (a mortgage company) will donate $5 to Habitat for Humanity Canada, and they will match whatever more you donate.  So my $25 will double to $50 (plus the $5) going to build affordable housing for Canadians.  With 1.3 million families in Canada – 4 million Canadians –  not having a safe, decent and affordable place to live, it is in need.  And I know it’s not much, but every dollar counts.