Two hundred and eighty-one

Donate points from store rewards cards

Some of us don’t have a lot of extra money to give to charities.  That money goes to food and shelter.  But, there are other ways to donate without you noticing it in your wallet – like donating your points from loyalty cards.

Many stores offer free rewards cards, giving you points every time you spend money at their business.  These points accumulate and  once you get to a certain number you get free items.  It’s easy to collect and not think about it.

A lot of these stores allow you to either donate your points to a registered charity or transfer them to a friend or family member.  This is great if you know someone who could use the extra help (for Shoppers Drug Mart, you can transfer points to their card secretly if you find out their Optimum card number), or else give them to a group in need.

I used to shop a lot at Shoppers Drug Mart (before starting the online shopping and vegan months) and always used my Shoppers Optimum Card – their free rewards card.  I first heard about donating points from my cousin (you will hear more about her many good deeds another day this month) who was going to the Dominican Republic to volunteer and asked for the points so she could buy things like toothbrushes to take over.  Since donating to her, I have accumulated a fair amount of points.

So today I donated 10,000 points to the Children’s Aid Foundation.  I had a hard time deciding on which organization to donate to, as there were so many worth causes.  A friend of mine volunteered for the Children’s Aid and from what I heard, they do a lot of amazing work for children and families and I imagine they could use the points to buy things for their offices and/or the kids.

To donate your Optimum points, click here, or look at your local store’s website to see if this is an option.

Plans for the rest of the month

Don’t worry, I’ll be doing more exciting things this month than sitting at my computer donating.  I have a few plans in the works for some volunteer opportunities, another attempt at smiling and helping people in Parkdale (hopefully this will go better than the last time), a search through my messy closet for clothes to give away, blood, smiles, letter writing and spontaneous hugs.