Two hundred and eighty-four

Donating to causes that people you care about care about

If you sit down and chat with your friends, family, and co-workers, you’ll be surprised to find out what good deeds they do and the causes they support.  I bet you never knew the person you sit in a cubicle next to every day spends their Sundays volunteering at the Children’s Aid, or your niece organizes fundraising events for the Breast Cancer Society.  If you’re looking for somewhere to donate to, this is a great place to start.  And a good way to be inspired.  And you’ll make the person you care about happy.

My cousin Nikki (who you will hear more and more about as the month goes on as she’s an amazing selfless person) raises money for a lot of different causes and helps others through her blog design company, Blogs For a Cause.  One of the fundraising efforts she is working on right now is to raise money to send three siblings, Andy, Andrielis, and Yoandi, from the Dominican Republic through school.  Without the money, their parents cannot afford an education for them.  She has a website dedicated to these children .  You can follow their progress on the blog as well.

Andrielis, Yoandi, and Andy

Nikki has visited the Dominican Republic several times and has grown very close to this family.  She wants to be able to send them through school and support their education, but needs help doing it.

Today I donated the amount of money I made at work this afternoon towards her cause.  I not only feel good that I can help the kids out, but also that it will make my cousin happy.  And that makes me happy.

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