Two hundred and eighty-five

Is it weird to secretly do someone else’s housework when you are visiting their house because you know they are stressed and busy and it would help them out?  And because you think it’s going too far and that pile of dishes is about to fall over or the grime on their bathroom sink is disgusting.

Yesterday I secretly did my friend’s dishes while he was in the other room on a business phone call.  I was over for a visit and I know he has been super busy and stressed and just hasn’t had time to clean his house or even wash his dishes.  They were piling up to the point that he didn’t have any clean ones left.  And there were a few with mould on them (so gross).  While he was working (it was a long phone call that led to some urgent e-mail and computer work), I quietly washed all of his dishes for him and put them away.  I wiped down the kitchen counters and the sink and cleaned his stovetop.

I wasn’t sure how he would react.  I’m sure some people would be embarrassed, but I’d already seen the mess, so it was sort of past that point.  Luckily he was really grateful and happy.  I think it had been on his mind as something he needed to get done and it was a little weight lifted off of him.  I know I can’t pull this on everyone (I’m pretty sure some of my girlfriends would get mad at me for doing it), but in this case I’m glad it helped.  It only took a few minutes and helped out a friend enormously.