Two hundred and eighty-seven

Fundraising Events

My head hurts a little today from the alcohol I “had to” consume last night to help raise money to send  Thai children to school.  Oh,  the charity events.  It’s easy to get caught up in the joyous occasion and the “good deeds” of other people buying you drinks and you buying them drinks.  Before long you’re dancing on the table with reindeer antlers on…  (That last bit didn’t actually happen, but wouldn’t it have been funny if it did?!)

A friend of a friend’s girlfriend and her two other friends held a fundraising event at The Fox and The Fiddle last night to raise money to send kids from Grangkrajan, a rural part of Thailand, to high school.  Rachel, Tannis and Amanda had volunteered as English teachers at Ban Nong Puen Tag School, a small elementary school in a poor village in central Thailand.  The school only goes up to grade seven, without the money or means to educate the children past that.  The nearest high school is hours away and because of the poverty in the village, there is rarely a chance for those children to continue their education.  The poverty cycle continues.   Although there is no tuition for high school, the cost of transportation, books, school supplies, uniforms and food is high.

The three women were so touched by the amazing people there, the dedication and care that goes into keeping the school running, and the desire of these children to continue their education that they vowed to help as much as they could when they returned to Canada.  So they hold fundraising events, such as the one I attended last night.  You can read more about their journey and the school on their blog: Kids of Gangkrajan.

Map of Thailand highlighting Phetchaburi Province, where Gangkrajan is located.

They raised enough money last year to send two children to the complete four years of high school, and they were hoping to raise even more this year.  They charged a cover fee to enter, had raffle prizes and a 50/50 draw, with live music and a DJ.  It was fun and I felt like I was helping out.  And I won one of the raffle prizes!