Two hundred and eighty-eight

It’s 6:56 AM as I start this post.  I had just over three hours sleep.   I ‘supervisor’ closed at the pub last night – there was a private Christmas party I had to wait for to finish, and then I found a drunk girl passed out on the toilet in the men’s washroom as I was doing my check before locking up that I had to deal with, so I didn’t get home until 3:30 AM (remind me again why I work in a pub?).

One of my best friends is moving back to New York City (he’s originally from there, but has been in Toronto for a few years now) and I offered to drive him to the airport this morning.  His flight is at  11 AM-ish.  To pick him up and get there through traffic I figured I had to leave at 7:10 AM.  I didn’t expect to be at work so late, but either way I would have offered/insisted on giving him a ride.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person – especially if I’ve been working the night before – and that if I offer to do something for someone in the AM, it means they are pretty darn special in my life.  Even though it’s early, I wanted to make sure my friend got to the airport safe and save him a little money.  And it would be nice to see him once more before he left (I missed his going away party last night because I had to work… remind me again why I work in a pub?).

It’s 6:45 AM when I got the text: “Call me when you get this”.  I was drinking coffee and eating breakfast in semi-conscious state.  I hoped nothing was wrong.  “I’m on hold with Air Canada,” he said when I called him.  “I’m trying to change my flight to Saturday.  I have too much to do and I could use the extra time to get it done.  Oh, there they are.  Can I call you back?”

My initial reaction in my foggy brain: “are you kidding me?!”  As much as I’d love to have him stay longer in the country, I wish he could have figured that out before I got myself out of bed after three hours sleep!  But, alas, unforeseen circumstances: his computer crashed last night when he got home from his party and he lost three days worth of backing up of hard drives he’d been working on.  He didn’t get any sleep trying to re-pack all his computer equipment he figured he didn’t have to bring because he had consolidated them. He still has some immigration papers he needs to sort through and his room could use a clean before he moves out.  All valid reasons to stay longer.  I definitely understand what it’s like to move your whole life and try to fit all of your belongings in two suitcases to fit on a plane.  And who wouldn’t want to stay in Canada longer?

Happily he is staying a few extra days in Toronto. I still feel good for offering to drive him and getting myself moving in the morning for him, even if he doesn’t actually need the ride now.  If you talk about good deeds being sacrificing (like some people’s definition), I feel like I did plenty of that this morning.  But, I am happy he is happy, less stressed and has time now to sort out his life before moving.  A little of my sleep is worth sacrificing for a friend.

Now, back to bed…

4 thoughts on “Two hundred and eighty-eight

  1. As a matter of full disclosure, it should be noted for the record that Lindsay insisted on giving me a ride, I never asked for one, and I was reluctant to take it because there’s nothing I hate more than someone feeling like they’re sacrificing for me. She even texted “And don’t even think of taking a cab. And I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t get to drive you! So basically, you’re stuck getting a ride to the airport tomorrow.”

    Now I just feel embarrassed.

    • Don’t be embarrassed. It’s awesome you’re staying a few extra days. And I did INSIST on giving you a ride. Of course I was going to. It was my 6:45 AM reaction to the situation – documenting my life in the moment.

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