Two hundred and ninety-one

Some fun with Friends…

After all these heavy, emotional posts the last few days, it’s time for something a little light and fluffy.  Here is Joey and Phoebe from Friends arguing over whether there is such thing as a selfless good deed:

And a throw back to ‘date month’:

I read today on the Globe and Mail site, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is introducing “Meet & Seat,” a service that lets passengers pick their seatmates in advance based on shared interests stated on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  Other airlines are expressing interest in this type of seat matching as well.  When I’m traveling, I’d personally rather keep to myself, sleep, read, watch movies and listen to music.  And I’m probably wearing my sweat pants.  There is no way I want to have someone sitting beside me trying to pick me up, or talk to me the whole time!  For short flights this could be ok, but can you imagine being ‘matched’ with someone you are incompatible with and stuck beside them for ten hours?  My nightmare!  It’s like a never-ending bad date.

My good deed for the day

I know I just wrote yesterday about not making this whole month about giving money, but today it’s going to be.  I worked all day until 8 pm tonight and I am ready-for-bed exhausted.  This is an extremely good cause that I wanted to donate to, as well.

It is getting damn cold out there in Southern Ontario.  Riding my bike home from work tonight made me shiver and it isn’t even snowing yet!  As our winters get colder, it is harder and harder for those people who don’t have a home or somewhere warm to stay to survive.  I get cold in my heated apartment in the dead of winter, so I can’t imagine what it’s like out on the streets.  Project Winter Survival puts together and distributes winter survival kits to front line agencies such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, local shelters and drop-in centres across the GTA.  The kits provide warmth and essential supplies to those in need.  You can either donate supplies to them, or money to help buy those supplies they can’t get donated.

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